Frequently asked questions

How does Fossick Trends differ from other trend forecasting services?

Fossick Trends is a creative marketplace, allowing you to search, shop, and download PDF reports from independent forecasters around the world. We connect you with experienced forecasters who provide future trend predictions and unique design inspiration, giving you confidence for product development decisions.

Can I subscribe to Fossick Trends?

Currently we don't offer a subscription to the Fossick Trends content, however you can sign up to our Newsletter to receive regular trend news and updates.

One of our core values at Fossick Trends is to provide customers with flexibility. We're passionate about making trend forecasting easily accessible, so there are no sign up fees, contracts to sign, or locked in subscriptions.

How long can I access trend reports for once purchased?

Once you purchase a trend report you will be sent a link to download your report. You can save it to your desktop or device and can continue to use that resource unlimited.

The link will be live for 30 days.

Please reach out to if you need more time to download your report.

Can I contact Forecasters with questions?

As a community, we endeavour to support you in the design help you need. If you have a trend question please reach out to us on and we'll get back to you asap.

What credentials do the forecasters have?

We are professionals with a wealth of industry experience.

For more information on our experience and our speciality areas in trend forecasting, you can check out our profiles here:

Where are the Fossick Trends forecasters from?

All around the world! As a creative community we are not limited to one location, which means we can bring you exciting and unique trend insights from all corners of the globe. Currently we have forecasters from France, Italy, South Africa, and Australia.