• Lyndal Wallis

Life InStyle - The changing consumer and planning future product webinar

Australian trade show Life Instyle celebrates unique products and brands across homewares, fashion, and giftwares. The show has a focus on style, creativity, and quality, in particular highlighting Australian made, handmade, ethical, and sustainably produced products. A part of the show is dedicated to supporting new businesses in their early years of trading, as well as a whole section dedicated to Children's products and brands, Kids InStyle. The show attracts thousands of visitors to Sydney (Feb) and Melbourne (Aug) each year including buyers, interior designers, stylists and the media all looking for the most exclusive brands and a preview of upcoming products.

In February this year as part of their education program, I presented a talk on "How to spot a trend and what to do with it" @life_instyle in Sydney. I love being part of the program, talking about trend forecasting, and meeting so many creative people!

This August they had to cancel the planned Melbourne show due to the pandemic. However to continue supporting their community they ran a week of online content. Given the challenges brands and retailers are experiencing at this time - I recorded a webinar discussing consumer trends, starting with the immediate COVID-19 context and then emerging themes for longer-term macro trends. The session shares my views on the impact the global pandemic is having on consumer priorities and how it is affecting their product choices, aiming to provide actionable insights for your business for the coming seasons.

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I hope you find the content useful and interesting!

For your further reading and research here are the references I used through the talk: Vogue Business Business of Fashion

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If you have any questions on the talk please reach out to me - I'd love to hear from you.

Contact: lyndal@fossicktrends.com