• Lyndal Wallis

An introduction to 2022 Macro Trend Impulses, by INSTINCT

There has been growing concern about our consumption habits for some time, particularly in fashion. The shock of the Covid-19 pandemic has further raised global awareness of the impacts of fast fashion. Beyond the global pandemic appears a new horizon, with the current crises acting as an accelerator in raising awareness in over-production, driving consumers to search for new meaning, and ways they can achieve a more sustainable existence.

In our new 2022 Trendbook IMPULSES, we explore how you as a designer and brand can approach these new consumer priorities and transform them into sustainable product opportunities.

The 2022 IMPULSES Trendbooks provide key understanding of the new

societal issues and how they will transcribe in the sectors of fashion, beauty

and lifestyle.

"For the times they are a-changin’ sang Bob Dylan. Yes, and they are exciting

ones! The definition of progress for the fashion industry needs to be explored if we are to make productive steps forward. Developing virtuous and sustainable brand values are no longer a choice, they are now essential in ensuring long term survival. As we move through this paradigm shift the main question you should be asking is how you can be innovative. In a world that is always changing, the most valuable attribute is to be as flexible as possible.

We are at the dawn of a new age, which can be decrypted under 3 axes : a Protective age, an Emotional age and an Experimental age.

The trendbook IMPULSES 2022 contains an overview of these 3 main directions and comes with a focus on the new sales modes.

The first axis is the Protective age initiated by the current pandemic. The future of

fashion, cosmetics, design, and architecture takes in to account the demand on products that protect their users. Touch-less technologies, safe-wear (extreme

conditions & disease-resistant fabrics), care services & goods, social distancing


How will these innovations shape tomorrow’s products?

The protective measures and the unpredictable times we are living in cause us to withdraw into privacy and self-being. It is the rule of emotions, more than of reason.

Our second theme, the Emotional age, explores how our social life and intimacy with others are being reformulated by the crisis, and how this can be seen as a genuine opportunity for designers: What more exciting playground than experiencing brand new ways of connection to ourselves and the others?

Finally, the Experimental age explores the straightforward search of new forms. It is a completely new relationship to the creation and selling of goods.

What if now is the ideal moment for brands to challenge their processes and grow their own singularity? The ideal moment to try new approaches without having eyes fixed on financial growth and "what is going to be bankable?"

Prospecting wider territories, implies in particular breaking down the walls between

disciplines, and changing the hierarchy between project leaders and potential clients.

The promising projects that we identify in our trendbooks help you open

prospective fields and nurture your global brand philosophy.

Each one of the 3 themes is meant as a springboard to the future for your brand

and is presented through a color range, inspiring concepts, and material focuses.

Along with the Impulses Macro Trendbook, these trend themes are translated into the categories Womenswear, Beauty, and Lifestyle.

Available for pre-order, when you place your order please provide us with information about your business and brand so that we can adapt the insights to your needs.

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- The INSTINCT team