• Lyndal Wallis

Predicting future nature collections

Contributed by Chlorosphere

Trendbooks provide guidance to designers, suppliers and distributors, and as the postponement or cancellation of many rhythms of the collections (exhibitions, events, showroom visits) continue in to 2021, it is now more crucial than ever that suppliers and distributors harness the expertise of trend specialists. At French trend consultancy Chlorosphere we can provide you with insights and how they can be used for the next collections in outdoor living.

Anticipate: the first role of trends

In all sectors, trend books have been precious allies since the 1950s: decoders of the times, they produce a direct link between our society changes and the translation that must be made for markets. From a dormant desire that is gradually reawakening in consumers, the trend book materializes its spirit and essence to allow the brand to transform desires into products.

Today more than ever it is important not to lose the link with the consumer and to utilise the expertise and constant analysis carried out by trend experts. The upcoming trends hold a strong overarching message: all collections will take roots in the Nature concept.

Keeping Nature at the heart of the styles

While the 'ReNaturation' of our cities is engaged on the scale of urban planning the urban exodus is accelerated by the needs of individuals for real fresh air. The upcoming trends reveal that styles today are very focused on nature. In their purchases the customer will seek the same form of authenticity and truth that has recently improved their life. The materials are intended to be authentic, free from petrochemicals and as close as possible to their original state. Vegan products and animal by-products become increasingly passe. Today we are witnessing a tenuous but already impactful transformation in consumption. From burlap bags, to zero-plastic commitments with agribusiness giants, the impact on our daily lives is real and making a difference. We have before us international political aims, public commitments that have been made to move from a world that has become reliant on plastics, to a life with renewable sources of development. In many surveys, Nature is still today the only element that benefits from an unaltered image and is a source of enthusiasm. The future of the outdoor living products and aesthetics must be in this global mood. To achieve this we would also be wise to listen and be guided by to the younger generations.

Better consider the renewal of generations of consumers

Lock-down has proven it: the new consumer has finally arrived! This younger cohort of under 35 years old who have a thirst for 'know-how' crosses the front door of the stores, rushes to ephemeral sales and over-uses their credit card on the web. The plant emerges as a star element within the home for these millennials and becomes the standard product of a generation which will take nature under its wing. Becoming the most influential generation in 2019, millenials will be the major consumer demographically by 2025. A strong argument for any company wishing to plan for the future, delivering on the desires and needs of this new consumer today, is a sure bet on being a key brand for this main customer of tomorrow. To achieve this it will be necessary to understand them well, anticipate their expectations and know what messages, styles, atmospheres and influences they are interested in.

Adapt cycles to influences

Where before it was enough to simply be a new product or business to be worthy of interest, we now observe that the phenomena of fashion ‘buzz’ is now on new grounds. A retro style can reappear, such as the 70s and 90s spirit that has influenced pop culture for the past three years. The sources of influence no longer go through television but through streaming platforms. No longer seen on magazines, but on Instagram. No longer worn in catwalks but in the streets. What is creating a trend today is no longer product that are only iobtainable to the elite few. A seamingly unknown person can grow a following of millions simply for their good taste and individual style, which alone create a sphere of influence and spawn the beginnings of a new trend. From a focus to a certain material to a whole collection, this influence can justify the birth of new ranges appearing on the shelves of your local retailer. It is therefore important to consider a large number of sources of information, to compile them, compare them and analyze them facing these new societal behaviors in order to translate what tomorrow will be.

It is the daily job of our trendhunters who search, listens, analyzes, observes, deciphers these movements which are at the beginning only clues of what tomorrow can become a bestseller.

This is the role of a forecaster; to guarantee an adequacy between the product offer, the sourcing and the consumer.

Now, exclusive content on 2021/2022 trends is available for you with the outdoor and nature lifestyle trendbook in partnership with the french trends firm Chlorosphere.

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