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2022/2023 Interior Colour Forecast

  • Our signature Interior Colour Forecast is a robust and thoughtful Bi-Annual edit. The document identifies which colours will have the most significant impact on home trends 12-18months out.


    We treat colour differently. We understand the commercial requirements of trans-seasonal colour consistency and how consistency reduces markdowns and maintains product longevity.


    We report colour in an easy to understand and easy to implement approach through our Trend Intelligence System.


    Trend Intelligence Style Quadrants - We explain why different tones of the one colour can be applied to different targets and why there is never just one BLUE (for example)


    Style Filters and Quadrants Explained - Our Trend Intelligence System clearly explains how colour can be applied to different emotional states and why it leads to a robust and relatable aesthetic.


    Colour Positioning - We identify the emerging and maintaining colours and show how they can be best be used as either core or accent in particular palettes.


    Colour Overview - We look at each secondary colour in the spectrum and look at the energy, relevance, and opportunity for each tone 12 - 18 months out. We also provide on neutral and monochromatic elements. Each colour is given an easy to understand reference name for simple identification. (Example picture in the preview images is Yellow)


    Colour Tone by Style Quadrant - Our experts show you how different tones of colour work best with other structures and energy, creating more market-responsive colour decisions.


    Colour Use - We explain which tone is best used on particular product types to help you create the most market-responsive choices.


    Master Palette - We provide over 100 colour tones in a master palette across all four style quadrants.


    Colour Forecast per Quadrant - Three forecasts per quadrant provided with guidance on how colours are best used when selecting or creating a combination of colours to form an exciting palette. We provide Summer, Winter and trans-seasonal energy inspirations. These quadrants help to further position your products to a more relatable and leading style position.


    Palette Forecast per Quadrant - We offer three additional palettes per quadrants - Forecast, Maintaining, and Enduring. These palette inspirations reflect timing and trend positioning. These palettes ensure you create and maintain colour within the appropriate Trend Cycle.

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