Created by MC&Co

Interior Trend Forecast COLOUR Late 2022-Early 2024

  • A colour forecast that helps you move into new design directions with confidence.

    MC&Co research, assess and forecast colour like no one else. This clear and commercially focused forecast provides you with everything you need to know to be able to make the best colour choices for your brand and your customer. Save time and money with this breakthrough Trend Forecasting system.

    • Over 100 pages of  tonal inspiration through eight crucial colours that make it simple for you to determine where your colour priorities are best focused for the coming seasons

    • Commercially focused information that clearly establishes which tones will be emerging and evolving in late 22 - early 24 to help you position your concept appropriately

    • 192 tones that provide a holistic perspective, giving you unprecedented levels of insight
    • 4 Master palettes that direct you towards highly emotive colour alignment
    • 18 impressive seasonal colour palettes offering new ways to consider palette creation 
  • PDF file

    106 Pages

    53 MB

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