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Trendbook 2023 - Authentic

  • Introducing the 2023 Trendbook Authentic by Chlorosphere.
    Each year Chlorosphere offers you a synthesis of all the trends identified and analyzed methodically.

    This Trendbook provides profiles of twelve consumer archetypes and 6 mega-trends that are the basis of the main collections detailed in 10 to 15 styles each, includes detailed descriptions and key colours, materials, objects, and extensive visual references for product development throughout the year 2023 from Xmas collections 2022 to winter 23/24.

    Ideal for product categories: Garden, Outdoor, Lifestyle, Furniture, Lighting, Surface design, Soft furnishings, Tabletop decor.

    Chlorosphere's yearly trendbooks provide:

    - A minimum 2 years of anticipation

    - A stylistic and analytical approach to your market

    - 12 types of consumers described

    - Specific business benchmarks

  • PDF file

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