Scarlet Opus


Choosing what products to make or sell involves a great deal of risk, uncertainty and many sleepless nights.  Imagine what your business would look like if you knew exactly what your customers wanted to buy up to two years in advance. Your risks would be minimal and your costs totally under control. You could be offering the Right Products, at the Right Time ... all of the time.


Scarlet Opus helps any business in the Lifestyle, Interiors and Garden sectors, accurately pinpoint what customers want to buy up to two years ahead; the specific detail. You will minimise risk, gain advantage over your competitors, be ultra-confident that you are making and Marketing exactly what your customers want to buy.


Workplace, hospitality, residential interiors; homewares, gift & stationery; housewares, furniture, flooring, home textiles & soft furnishings; garden products; retail product offers, store design & customer experience; food trends.   


Scarlet Opus can play a crucial role in your forward planning for success in #PostCOVID19 times. The bold & brave, the creative & innovative will come through the next couple of years with flying colors, good sales revenues and a secure future.


Location: United Kingdom

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