Meet our Trend Community.

Amber Grant

Amber Grant is a trend forecaster, creative consultant, and designer based in South Africa. Her curated trend reports are globally relevant and can be easily translated to your local design aesthetic.


INSTINCT Trend Consulting is a creative collective of passionate talents: artistic directors, fashion, & graphic designers, sociologists, communication consultants... Our approach to the fashion industry is free, joyful and above all human !


Modacable aims to provide customers with both longer term trends and close to season forecasts. Offering trend information across categories Womenswear, Footwear, Accessories, and Kidswear.

Sara Biondi

Sara Biondi’s trend research begins with analysing societal changes and industrial innovation, runway trend analysis, and insights from European trade fairs. An ability to spot innovative looks, fabrics, silhouettes and finishes, forms her trend forecasts for the seasons.

Laure Nicolai

Laure Nicolai is a trend and creative consultant.

 Passionate and curious, she spots the emerging signals and upcoming trends to craft fresh and innovative trend books.



The TRND team are passionate about providing customers with trend information that is easily translated in to your specific market needs. Actionable, focused, and refined, TRND reports deliver relevant commercial information for product development.

Davina Cassino

Driven by her obsession with fashion and design, Davina's reports draw from catwalk and global street style to provide customers with clear trend directions.

Emily Klein

Emily Klein is a trend forecaster,

designer, creative consultant and

brand manager.

Drawing on a decade of experience in the eyewear industry, Emily analyses the current market and draws on an inherent ability to identify future trends.

Dawson Hall Creative

Dawson Hall Creative, is a collaboration between one creative director, one trends consultant and a shared passion for conscious design. With bases in Australia and the UK, the agency offers niche, 24/7 creative services, particularly for fashion, lifestyle and kids' brands.

Leigh Gallagher

Leigh Gallagher specialises in Youth Culture; she has intimate knowledge of Millennials and

Gen Z consumer behaviours and lifestyle influences. She navigates the ever-changing consumer landscape by identifying key drivers that underpin emerging social trends, looking much further than catwalks.


The Edit


The Edit Advisory’s in-depth trend reports draw inspiration from runway, street style and consumer culture. Founder and designer, Krystal De Lisi spent 15 years traveling the world spotting and analyzing trends which created new and innovative products.

Launching The Edit Advisory she brings this experience to the broader fashion ecosystem. Her creative insight empowers brands, positioning them for growth and success.


Scarlet Opus

Scarlet Opus helps any business in the Lifestyle, Interiors and Garden sectors, accurately pinpoint what customers want to buy up to two years ahead; the specific detail. You will minimise risk, gain advantage over your competitors, be ultra-confident that you are making and Marketing exactly what your customers want to buy.

Scarlet Opus can playing a crucial role in your forward planning for success in #PostCOVID19 times.  

The bold & brave, the creative & innovative will come through the next couple of years with flying colors, good sales revenues and a secure future.

Sarah Denise Studio

Sarah is an award winning bodywear apparel specialist with a decade of industry experience as a designer and product developer for world-renowned international brands

She brings technical experience and industry insider magic to reports across activewear, lingerie, lounge and surface pattern, with a keen eye for colour, graphics and innovation; always ahead of the curve.


Sarah Denise Studio Fossicks trends port


Chlorosphere is a unique trends consultancy offering insights for the Fashion, Greenery, Automotive, Catering, Film, Music, and Architecture sectors.

Working with brands all around the world, they specialise in future trends for plants, flowers, garden, and landscape.

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Malvina Chaput is a trend forecaster,

creative consultant and eyewear designer based in France.


With a global perspective, she is driven by her creative instinct and draws on an innate sense of detail to build strong analysis, delivering inspiring and relevant trend reports.

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MC&Co Trend is a collaboration of globally experienced consultants and researchers who have extensive experience in brand, product development, merchandise architecture, and marketing within the home lifestyle consumer goods sector.


We believe in inspiring our customers to be the best at their jobs with our commercially centred home trend forecasting

and reporting.

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